Bold, Chic, and Stylish: Accessorizing a Mini Sequin Dress

Bold, Chic, and Stylish: Accessorizing a Mini Sequin Dress

New Year's Eve is around the corner, and before you know it, you will be out with your friends partying. This is the time of year when everything is bright and sparkly; buildings are covered in lights, and people are in sequins. Being a woman, a sequin mini dress is perhaps your number one pick when it comes to New Year’s Eve attire, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s bold, chic and fabulous. A sequin mini dress makes sure that the spotlight is on you. While it may be a bold choice for any woman, it's what makes it so much fun.

If you have always wanted to make a statement at a party or a girl’s night out but shy away from a sequin mini dress, it’s time to embrace it. With the right accessories, you can dress a sequin dress up or down to help you achieve a fun and stylish look for any event or occasion. So, read on to learn some amazing styling tips to help you feel more confident in your laced-back mini sequin dress.

 Keep It Simple

Yes, I know that you want to make a statement, but with a sequin dress, things can go wrong really fast. This is why it is recommended to keep things simple. The sparkle and shine of our laced-back mini sequin dress are enough to make it the focal point of your ensemble. Piling chunky accessories on top of it will only take away from the beauty of the dress and will easily make you look overdressed. Always remember, keeping the rest of the look simple when it comes to sequin is essential. Choose small, minimal accessories because sometimes the best things come in small packages.

Throw on a Jacket

Another way to accessorize and dress your sequin dress down is by opting for a leather or denim jacket. Not only is it perfect to wear to a casual evening, but it also adds an extra layer that keeps you warm. If you want to turn up the edge, throw on some textured tights and boots with your leather jacket. This will give you the perfect 90s edgy look that we all loved. 

Elegance Is the Key

When you wear something bold, like our laced-back mini sequin dress, the goal is to look striking without being too extra. Your accessories can create the difference between class and trash, so always choose wisely.

 Here are some tips for choosing the best jewelry for your sequined dress:



If you are wearing a solid-colored sequin dress, like our laced-back mini sequin dress, then you can easily get away with bold statement earrings. Opt for gold or silver chunky earnings for a sleek and simple look. Diamond studs or skinny drop-earning would look equally stylish, too.


A sequin dress rarely ever needs a necklace, but if you still want to wear one, make sure that it is a small, dainty one. Use the neckline of your dress to guide your decision. A short solid-colored necklace or one with a few stones is the ideal type.


For a long-sleeved dress, a bracelet is completely unnecessary, but with the laced-back mini sequin dress by Erina’s Boutique, you can wear a small link or charm bracelet, cuff, or a bangle.


It takes a little practice to learn how to accessorize a sequin dress. Don’t be intimidated – just follow the style guide above and try new and different combinations. The best part is that even without many accessories, the laced-back mini sequin dress by Erina’s Boutique will still make heads turn.

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