Layer Your Necklaces Like A Pro!

Are you looking to add that extra pizzazz to your looks? No matter how beautiful of a dress you wear, it can still feel incomplete if you do not accessorize it well, and what is a better accessory than statement necklaces? One of the many reasons why we love necklaces is that they give us a chance to express ourselves. And why choose one necklace when you can layer multiple?

Wearing multiple necklaces not only lets you enjoy your jewelry collection but also allows you to create unique and creative combinations that elevate your look almost instantly. If you are not quite sure how to but love the idea of layering necklaces, then keep reading to find some fun yet elegant ways to layer necklaces like a pro!

Combine Different Styles and Chain Types

The fun of layering necklaces lies in juxtaposing contrasting styles. Add some modern pearls with contemporary motifs and geometric shapes and explore what looks best. You can also choose chains with different weights and textures: bead, cable, rolo, rope, snake, wheat, etc.

Style our double star crystal layered necklace with a thicker gold chain and create a visual variety in your neck. It will create a stylistic conversation between the pieces, with a timeless gold chain bringing a classic look and the double star crustal layered necklace adding a contemporary touch.

Opt For Different Lengths

Layering is more prominent and fun when done with necklaces of different lengths. In fact, it is a fundamental aspect of building a layered necklace look. If all of your layering necklaces are the same length, you don’t have a neck stack, and you just have a big tangle of necklaces. Choose necklaces that create a cascade effect and allow every piece to stand out. Start by picking a piece that is close to your neck and then move towards longer pieces, like the double star crystal layered necklace by Erina’s Boutique.

Play with Shapes

Your necklace ensemble is incomplete without some unusual shapes. If all your necklaces are round, oval, or square, you might be in for a dull look. Make sure to play with pendant or charm shapes throughout your layered necklace look.

Don’t Shy From Being Messy

Don’t be a perfectionist when layering your necklaces. I understand that if you are new to layering, adding more than three pieces can be quite overwhelming and may look a bit messy to you, but trust the process! A three-layered ensemble just doesn’t carry the confidence a four or five-layered carries. The key is to pick the right pieces that go well together. Once you get it right, it’s just so good!

Bring Color to the Party

It’s safe to start with solid-colored necklaces and chains, but who wants to play safe? A touch of color can pull together your look and add an oomph to the otherwise muted and monotonous tones. The double star crystal layered necklace by Erina’s Boutique is the perfect piece to add a pop of color with its blue crystal stars hanging one over the other.

Final Thoughts;

Last but not the least, have fun. Your necklace style is your statement, so make it work for you. Follow the above tips and turn heads with your necklace ensemble.

Now that you know how to stack your necklaces perfectly, it’s time to start shopping. Get your hands on the double star crystal layered necklace by Erina’s Boutique, a perfect fit for your neckline stack.

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